What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us


Nargiza Zikriyaeva

A year ago, we moved to Marbella to relocate … As it turned out not so easy to find a good accommodation in Marbella. I was lucky that I found the agency Alemar, where a team of true professionals who will quickly find that need without unnecessary costs and headaches. Special thanks to Elena for professionalism, for mechanically customer understanding, for a clear and timely work.

Noel White, UK

Thanks to Elena for her work in selling my property and subsequent help with paperwork and documentation. It was all very fast and took care of everything.

Anya Drozdova, Russia

Alemar Realty provided the purchase of an investment property and helped us to get the back rent. They took care of everything and guided us to choose the best location to get good benefits. We are very grateful.

Mike Church, UK

Thanks to the agency Alemar could find an accurate rental apartment while they helped me buy my property. I provided all the processes and I found accommodation yet. Was very pleased with them, today we are still in touch.

José Antonio Fernández Reina, Spain

I wanted to publicly thank their assistance throughout the buying process by members of Alemar Realty

Andrejs Vidrascu, Latvia

Dear Elena, thank you very much for the help you gave us me and my family really did all the work for us.

Savannah Anderson, UK

I really liked the caring and monitoring to find me the property I wanted. I got a lot of attention and I felt they knew what I was looking for

Sasha Ivanov, Russia

Since I met this team have helped me every step of the real estate business, there are several steps that we have done together and have always been more than satisfactory. The interest they show in helping is well noticed, they always keep in touch

Sergio Keller, Switzerland

My property was sold quickly, it was hard for me to do it living outside Spain, so I am really grateful they did all the job for me. They took care of all formalities; also helped some of my clients find a property to rent for long term on the site they wanted.

Jenna Aubriot, France

It shows that they care about your interests as they continue to help after any process and they are offered to give such help without asking. Their knowledge of the market and the Costa del Sol is huge; they explain everything so you can choose what really is best for you, giving you the opportunity to know different areas and managing everything you need. Thank you  Elena.

Jack Parsons, UK

Thanks for all the properties visited and how long you spent with us. You gave us comprehensive information on the Costa del Sol and what was good for us according to our requests. You did select right and you know I do recommend you.